3 Important Legal Steps To Take After Getting Hit On A Motorcycle

Getting hit on a motorcycle can be extremely serious. Motorcycles don’t have as many protective materials and structures like traditional vehicles, and they can leave you exposed to significant injuries. If you’re hit by another driver on your motorcycle and aren’t at fault, be sure to take these legal actions immediately.  Contact the Police  As soon as the auto accident is over and you’ve collected your thoughts, you should immediately contact the police.

Mistakes To Avoid After Being Pulled Over For Drunk Driving

After going to a party, you may have felt you did not have that much to drink and decided to drive home. While on the road, you may have been swerving a little or driving too fast, causing you to be pulled over. If you are under suspicion of driving drunk, make sure you avoid the following mistakes. Talking Too Much After being pulled over by the police, you may be tempted to try to talk your way out of the situation by claiming you have not been drinking or even going into every detail of the evening.

Helpful Tips To Avoid Problems When Using Social Media & Messaging After Filing An Auto Accident Claim

According to an AT&T survey, 7 out of 10 people drive while using their smartphone, and many of them used social media networking sites. Even more startling is that a researcher found that people spend as much as 60% of their time looking at their smartphones while driving instead of at the road. Using social media while behind the wheel is considered distracted driving and can easily lead to an accident.

Work-Related Personal Injury Damages

If you’ve been hurt so badly by another driver that you’ve missed quite a bit of work, you might be interested in filing a claim for lost wages. This is but one of several ways that a wreck can impact you and for which you are entitled to be paid. Read on to learn more about this category of personal injury damages, such as what is included and how to be compensated for your losses.

Talk To A Truck Accident Attorney After A Collision With A Commercial Truck

Accidents involving commercial trucks can cause serious injuries due to the size and weight of the truck. You could end up with extensive medical bills and a long recovery after being in an accident with a big truck. Getting compensation for your injuries is often a complex undertaking since many factors come into play with a commercial vehicle. Hiring an experienced truck accident attorney is helpful since they are already familiar with the expert witnesses and resources necessary for this kind of case.

Don't Get Stuck With The Liability: How To Protect Yourself From Personal Injury Claims This Summer

Summer is approaching quickly. You’ll soon be getting your backyard ready for those weekend get-togethers. If your backyard is going to be filled with guests this summer, it’s time to start taking steps that will help protect you from personal injury claims. If any of your guests are injured while they’re on your property, your homeowner’s insurance rates may take a hit, especially if the injuries are significant. Here are just a few steps you can take to reduce your liability and protect your guests from injuries this summer.

The Best Ways A Parent Can Stop A Teen From Texting While Driving

It can be almost impossible to keep a cell phone out of the hands of a teenager. But one moment where you absolutely need to get that cell phone out of his or her hands is when driving. Texting while driving is, unfortunately, a common phenomenon and will place your child at risk of a serious car accident. You will need to use these strategies to get your teen to stop texting while driving.

How Getting A Traffic Ticket Can Affect Your Employment

If you have recently gotten a traffic ticket, then you could be wondering what type of an impact it will have on your life. One thing that you might not have thought about is the fact that a traffic ticket can actually affect your employment. These are a couple of reasons why this can be the case and why it’s important for you to take a traffic ticket seriously. They May Affect Your Background Checks

3 Rare Effects Of A Neck And Back Injury

If you have sustained a neck or back injury as a result of a “slip and fall,” or a motor vehicle accident, then you may have experienced pain, limited mobility, and perhaps, diminished range-of-motion. While these are the most common symptoms of a neck and back injury, you may notice other, less common, symptoms. If you experience any of the following, see your healthcare provider as soon as possible, and then consult with an attorney to determine if you should pursue legal action: