Work-Related Personal Injury Damages

If you've been hurt so badly by another driver that you've missed quite a bit of work, you might be interested in filing a claim for lost wages. This is but one of several ways that a wreck can impact you and for which you are entitled to be paid. Read on to learn more about this category of personal injury damages, such as what is included and how to be compensated for your losses.

Lost time away from work

You should begin keeping up with all the time you miss from work as soon as possible after the wreck. Keep a log and note the dates, times and the reason for your work absence. You are entitled to be reimbursed for missed work that's related to any accident-related issue. That includes both medical and other issues. For example, the following are some common lost wages situations:

1. Hospitalizations and surgeries

2. Doctor's appointments, physical therapy appointments, and diagnostic test appointments

3. Trips to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions and for things like braces, crutches, etc.

4. Trips to deal with getting transportation, such as your car repaired, replaced, dealing with a rental, etc.

5. Commute time for all of the above

Calculating lost wages

Using your hourly rate, you should multiply your time missed from work by the rate of pay to arrive at what you are owed. If your work week or day varies, you can use an average to compute the lost wages damages. It must be mentioned that you should include all time missed from work, even if you used your benefits to fill in. For example, if you used sick leave or paid time-off to account for the missing time, you are still entitled to be reimbursed for that time.

Getting proof of your losses

Your log of lost time at work is a good start, but you will need to seek proof of the loss of time at work and your salary. You will need to assemble that proof by having your employer provide you with a letter. This letter should be submitted to your personal injury lawyer so that this form of damage can be included in any demands for payment, the settlement or the lawsuit. The letter should include:

  • All time missed from work
  • The amount of pay lost

Your personal injury attorney can get you compensated for not just lost wages but medical expenses, pain and suffering and more. Make an appointment to have your case evaluated by a lawyer and ensure that you get all that you are entitled to get as a result of your wreck and injury.

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