The Best Ways A Parent Can Stop A Teen From Texting While Driving

It can be almost impossible to keep a cell phone out of the hands of a teenager. But one moment where you absolutely need to get that cell phone out of his or her hands is when driving. Texting while driving is, unfortunately, a common phenomenon and will place your child at risk of a serious car accident. You will need to use these strategies to get your teen to stop texting while driving.

Use Apps That Prevent Cell Phone Driving 

Fortunately, there are applications that you can download to your teen's phone that will allow you to see what he or she is doing while driving. Then, you can take steps to solve this, such as taking away his or her phone. There are also applications that prevent a teen from sending or receiving text messages when he or she is driving.

Your teen might find it annoying that he or she can't even receive a text as a passenger, but even passengers can distract the driver when they show a text. The driver must always be focused on the road at all times.

Show Graphic Videos of Text Message Accidents

Another option is to find graphic videos online that show what happens to those who are texting while driving. Some teenagers are not able to understand the risks of what they are doing. A story of a horrible accident that occurred while texting and driving can drive the message home.

Confiscate the Car and Phone

Confiscating your teen's cell phone or the keys to the car goes a long way toward discouraging your teen from texting and driving. These should be seen as privileges, not rights. Once you discover that your teen is engaging in risky behavior, it is your responsibility to stop it.

Be Prepared to Fight a Texting and Driving Case

If your teen has been arrested for texting while driving, that doesn't guarantee that he or she will be convicted. In fact, texting while driving is one of the most difficult crimes to prove. Some states do not even have laws against texting while driving.

When you live in a state where texting and driving are illegal, your teen may receive a ticket. However, there is a good chance that the ticket will be thrown out. But if your teen has a car accident and witnesses find that he or she was texting while driving, you will need help from a car accident attorney.