Recently Diagnosed With ALS? Apply For Social Security Disability Through A Lawyer

In 2014, you may have taken what was called The Ice Bucket Challenge. It was a popular challenge done on social media in which a bucket of ice water was dumped on a person’s head. Back then, you didn’t know that you’d get diagnosed with the very condition that challenge was promoting awareness of — amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which is also called Lou Gehrig’s disease. While getting a diagnosis of ALS may make you feel like your entire world is reeling out of control, one thing that will help is being approved for Social Security Disability.

What Makes Wrongful Death Claims Different From Other Injury Cases?

Wrongful death claims represent a particular area of personal injury law. That can sound a little different, but it makes sense in the way the law handles it. Take a look at why these claims are personal injuries and how they may differ from other injury cases. How Is a Wrongful Death an Injury? A reasonable guess might be that death represents the most extreme form of injury. That’s a fair guess, but it’s not how the law sees the matter.

Legal Services That An Experienced Auto Accident Attorney Provides

When you are in a serious car accident, you may fail to appreciate the rights that you have as a victim. You might assume that you must pay for your own medical expenses out of your own pocket. You also may think that you have to deal with the other driver’s insurer without anyone to help you. In fact, you have the right to retain legal help, especially if you have suffered significant damages in the wreck.