Why Acting Quickly Benefits Your Personal Injury Case

The timing of actions after your accident affects important aspects of it, like how much money you are paid. Read on and find out about the many ways timing affects several areas of your life after being hit by a careless driver. The below considerations are all time-related. Ask your personal injury lawyer to learn more.

Time and Injuries

Time matters a great deal when dealing with medical treatment. If you wait too long to get medical help, it sends a signal that you are not very hurt. For example, if you put off going to the doctor after an accident, you might as well be telling the other driver's insurer that you are exaggerating your condition for financial purposes.

Time and Your Health

Even if you are not certain that you are hurt, get medical attention anyway. Some common injuries may not be noticeable at first but can still prove deadly if not attended to. The emergency room doctor knows what to do and could save your life by diagnosing hidden injuries like internal damage and brain injuries.

Time and the Insurance Adjuster

Even though the call from the insurance adjuster may make it seem like you must speed things up, slow down and be careful. Speak to your own insurer but don't consider speaking to the other driver's insurer at all. They may want you to settle the case before you can speak to a personal injury lawyer. Settling without legal advice can mean being paid a too-low settlement even if you did get paid quickly.

Time and Financial Issues

Unfortunately, medical collections can be among the most aggressive. While the other side should be taking care of your medical expenses, they may drag their feet long enough for it to affect your credit score. Speak to a personal injury lawyer so that you don't end up bearing the brunt of late medical payments.

Time and Evidence 

A good personal injury case is about evidence. Some forms of evidence can be vulnerable to time passing. For example, your personal injury lawyer will probably contact witnesses and get their statements as soon as they can. Don't put off speaking to a lawyer or important evidence could be lost.

Time and Victimization

Even though you will be known as the victim, you don't have to also be victimized by the accident. Taking action on your accident case can be empowering and help you to cope with the trauma of the accident.

To find out more about timing and accident issues, speak to a local law firm, such as G.R. Johnson Law Firm.