Defective Toys And Wrongful Deaths: How To Effectively Handle Such A Terrible Situation

Was your child killed while playing with a defective toy? If the toy wasn't made properly and wasn't tested by the manufacturers before it was distributed and sold, there's a possibility that it caused serious burns and injuries to your child while he or she was playing around with it. Those burns and injuries could've eventually caused the death of your child. Not only has your innocent child suffered because of a malfunctioning product, but you may now have no idea what to do in the aftermath of this horrific situation.

One of the first things you may have done was take your child to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, your child may not have made it despite the effort that was put forth by the medical professionals at the hospital. Although you may be focused on planning a funeral for a child who didn't deserve to die, there are some things you should do to keep this from happening to anyone else.

Contact the Toy Manufacturer

Put in a complaint with the toy manufacturer. You'll need to provide details about the situation, including the type of toy your child was playing with and exactly what happened leading up to the injuries and the death of your loved one. For example, your child may have been sitting down on the floor while playing when suddenly there was a bit of an explosion that caused severe burns and injuries. The toy manufacturer must know the toy is potentially dangerous and should be removed from the shelves as quickly as possible.

Make a Post on Social Media

One way to get the word out about the problem at a faster pace would be to make a post on social media about everything that happened. If you can potentially save the life of at least one child by posting on social media about what your family has been going through, it'll be worth it. You should include details about the product your child was playing with so that people know not to purchase that toy for their own children. If their children already have the toy, they may want to take it back to the store or keep their children from playing with it just in case something malfunctions.

After making the post, ask your friends and family to share it. If enough people are willing to share this important and valuable information with their loved ones, it won't be long before your post goes viral. Many companies are often quicker to respond when they notice viral posts are being made about their products. As a result, the company that sells the toy may then act quickly to put out a recall for the specific toy in question.

Get a Lawyer

Who would ever think that something as innocent and joyful as a toy could bring such pain and agony to a family? Now that you've lost your child due to a malfunctioning toy, you'll need to put up the best fight possible to protect others from suffering the same fate. Start by contacting a wrongful death lawyer. The wrongful death lawyer takes on cases in which a person passes away due to the negligence of someone else.

In this case, several entities may be included in the lawsuit, such as those who've built the products and those who are selling them. As the mother, you have every right to file a wrongful death lawsuit due to the pain, suffering, and untimely death of your child. The lawsuit would hold these different people responsible for the actions that caused the death of your child. They'll need to deal with the consequences, which may include paying out hefty fines and fees for major mistakes that were made. The money you may receive from the lawsuit could be used by you to pay off funeral expenses, hospital care costs, and much more.

No one should ever have to go through the pain of losing their child. If this is something that's happened to you as the result of a malfunctioning toy, contact the toy manufacturer, post on social media, and get yourself a wrongful death lawyer who can help you with this serious case.