Don't Take Chances: 3 Actions To Avoid To Prevent Car VS Truck Accidents

If you drive on the roads long enough, you're bound to see at least one accident involving a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, those types of accidents don't always work out well for the person driving the passenger vehicle. Studies have shown that about 81% of all accidents involving passenger cars and semi-trucks are the fault of car driver. Here are three common causes of truck vs car accidents. Avoiding these practices can help you stay safe when you're driving near semi-trucks.

Unsafe Freeway Merging

It's not uncommon to come upon a semi-truck when you're trying to merge onto the freeway. How you merge onto the freeway will determine how safe you're going to be. The first thing you need to remember is that it's easier for you to get out of the way than it is for the driver of the semi-truck. If you that a semi-truck is coming up on your left as you merge on to the freeway, either speed up so you can give yourself sufficient space in front of them, or slow down so that you can merge on to the freeway in back of the truck. Never drive along beside the truck hoping that it will move over for you.

Traveling in a Blind Spot

Your car probably has a couple of blind spots, which means you know how difficult it is to see vehicles if there in that spot. When it comes to semi-trucks, they have several substantial blind spots. Unfortunately, if you're driving in any of those spots, the driver is not going to be able to see you, at all. To avoid accidents, you need to know those blind spots, and avoid traveling in them. First, if you're directly in back of the truck, and you can't see it's side-view mirrors, chances are good that the driver has no idea that you're back there. Second, if you're driving on the right side of the truck, and you can't see your car in their side-view mirror, that means they can't see you. To avoid accidents caused by blind spots, avoid those areas.

Attempting "Break-Check" Maneuvers

It can be frustrating to get stuck behind a truck. However, some of the actions you may try as a result of that frustration can lead to a tragic accident. One of those actions is the break-check, where a driver pulls in front of another motorist and quickly slams on their brakes. While this action may get the truck drivers attention, it might also get you involved in a truck vs car accident. Trucks aren't able to stop as quickly as cars are, and they're much heavier. Even if your break-check only last a second, that's a second too long. In that second, the truck may have gotten so close to you that the driver will have no choice but to hit you from behind. Prevent accidents by avoiding the temptation to break-check a truck.

Don't take chances with your life. The information provided here will help you avoid common mistakes that can lead to a truck vs car accident. If you are involved in an accident involving a truck, be sure to contact a truck accident attorney near you.